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    The Campaign for Incarnate Word Academy

    Sister Lauren Beck, C.V.I.

    Incarnate Word Academy President (2000 to present)


    Dear Friends,

    It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of Incarnate Word Academy's I AM IN. campaign. Like no other time in the history of our school has the expansion of our campus been more needed. All you have to do is to look around, and you can see our remarkable city developing around us.


    Similarly, the need for a Catholic, college preparatory education among young women is greater than ever before. Therefore, to better serve the needs of our students we are embarking on a $15-million capital campaign to enhance our existing campus with an 18,500-square foot academic building and parking space.


    When considering our campaign theme, the idea that resonates above all others is I AM IN. Because, at Incarnate Word Academy our students boldly affirm: I AM INquisitive, I AM INtrospective, I AM INnovative. I AM INcarnate Word Academy.


    Please join me in making campaign history by keeping Incarnate Word Academy at the forefront of Catholic, college preparatory education for the next generation of young women.




    Praised Be the Incarnate Word,

    Sr. Lauren Beck, C.V.I.



  • Leadership

    Our Campaign Leadership

    Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

    Sister Mary Brendan O’Donnell, C.V.I.

    Sister Virginia O’Donnell C.V.I

    Community Campaign Chair

    Kay Hawthorn

    Campaign Committee

    Carol and Joe Birkofer

    Carol Barndollar

    Amber and Thomas Caver

    Paulette Chavez ‘67

    Gail Chevalier ‘90

    Imelda and Jun Juguilon

    Diane Freitag Kopfensteiner ‘78

    Lanette Kowis ‘88

    Nicole Marin '07

    Sister Carmel O’Malley, C.V.I.

    Suzanne & Daniel O'Neil

    Katy and Todd Threroux



    Sister Lauren Beck, C.V.I.

    Advancement Director

    Ginger Przybyla

  • Our Future Campus

    To better serve the needs of our students, Incarnate Word Academy is embarking on a $15-million capital campaign to greatly enhance our      existing campus. The new 18,500-square-foot academic building and adjacent parking space will enable Incarnate Word Academy 

    to provide 350 young women with a Catholic, college preparatory education each year.


    Naming opportunities are available. Please click here for more details.

    First Floor

    ⑤ Young Leaders Conference Room

    ⑥ IWA History Wall/Bronze Statue

    ⑫ Young Leaders Classroom

    ⑬ Large Meeting Room

    ⑲ Entrance Vestibule

    ⑱ Stairwell (2)

    ⑳ Corridor


    * The Young Leaders Conference Center includes rooms 5, 12, 13, and 20

    Second Floor

    ⑧ Second Floor Balcony

    ⑦ Collaborative Learning Center

    ⑯ Classroom (2)

    ⑭ Faculty Workroom

    ⑳  Corridor

    Third Floor

    ⑦  Collaborative Learning Center

    ⑯ Classroom (2)

    ⑭  Faculty Workroom

    ⑳  Corridor

    Fourth Floor

    ⑩  Student Activity Center

    ⑪  Seminar Classroom

    ⑨ Art Room

    ⑯  Classroom

    ⑰ Faculty Office

    ⑳  Corridor

    Fifth Floor

    ④  Performing Arts Studio

    ⑰ Faculty Office

    ⑳  Corridor

    Sixth Floor

    ③ Rooftop Patio

    ⑮  Rooftop Lobby 

  • Campaign Brochure

    Learn more about our I AM IN. campaign by downloading our brochure.

    Fast Facts

    Download campaign information at a glance.

    Case for Support

    Download detailed information about the campaign.

    Campus Map

    Preview building floor plans for our future campus.

    Recognition Levels

    Review campaign recognition levels.

    Naming Opportunities

    Discover the special recognition opportunities available to supporters wishing to contribute at the Leaders level and above.

    Gift Pyramid

    See how your gift can help us reach our goal.

    Commitment Form

    Download our Capital Campaign Commitment Form to make a one time gift or pledge payment.

    Stock Transfer Contribution and Authorization Form

    Download our Stock Transfer Contribution and Authorization Form to deliver transfer instructions to your broker when making a gift of securities.

    Combination Commitment and Stock Transfer Forms

    Download our Combo Capital Campaign Commitment Form and Stock Transfer Contribution and Authorization Form.

  • Campaign Progress & Donor Board

    Last Updated: 10.24.16


    I AM IN. Campaign Goal


    Funds Raised to Date


    Percent to Goal


    $5,000,000 and above



    $1,000,000 - $4,999,999


    $250,000 - $999,999

    The Brown Foundation, Inc.

    Ann Glazier McStravick '49

    Strake Foundation


    $75,000 - $249,999

    David J. and Judith Beck

    Cullen Foundation

    Kay and Hubert F. Hawthorn

    G. Edward Powell

    MD Anderson Foundation


    $25,000 - $74,999

    Elisa and Patrick Barry

    Drs. Patrick and Susan Curling

    Ann & Billie Ellis

    Andrew Hawthorn

    Norma & Opiah Izu

    The Lyons Foundation

    St. Thomas High School

    Katy & Todd Theroux

    The Iris & Lloyd Webre Foundation

    Raye White

    Tedd and Genny Winter



    $5,000 - $24,999


    William and Danguole Altman


    Carol Barndollar

    The Bauman Family

    Toni Blankmann and Bob Weiner

    James M. and Emilie D. Booth

    Charles M. Bourgeois

    Nora and Richard Brooks

    Dorden and Donna Burke

    Jo Z. Carcedo

    Tom and Amber Caver

    Clarence Cazalot

    Mary Lou and Michael J. Cenatiempo

    Paulette Zann Chavez '67 & Anthony Chavez, MD

    Gail Chevalier '90

    Marla and James Davis

    Rosa (Rosebud) Gonzalez Davis

    Beth and Steve Fischer

    Kate and John Fitzgerald

    Dr. Caroline and Frank Gonzales

    David E. Harvey

    Albert & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation

    Curtis and Deborah Freitag Jaska '75

    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jennings, Jr.

    Knights of Columbus - John L. Morkovsky Council 10390

    Betty Ann Martin Kowis

    Lanette Kowis '88

    Gayle and Bob Longmire

    The Eugene & Felice Malloy Foundation

    The Mendoza Family

    Momentum BMW/Mini

    Mary Jo '74 & Joe Montalbano

    The PJ Moran Foundation

    Mary M. Muegge

    Alice and Joseph Navarijo, MD

    Steven J. O'Connor and Catherine L. Cegielski-O'Connor

    Suzanne & Daniel O'Neil

    Our Lady of Lordes Knights of Columbus

    Pamela E. Powell

    Catherine & Hugh Rafferty

    Richard S. Ruiz

    Wendy and Bert Ruiz

    Scott & Selber, Inc. Capital Management

    Carolyn and David Sears

    The Self Family

    Stephen and April Siegfried

    Robyn Sutton

    Sword Family

    Cyrus and Lisa Tolman

    Alison and Charles Turner

    Cindy Vara-Leija

    St. John Vianney Catholic Church

    Mary Ann Wey



    UP TO $4,999

    Mary Aamodt

    Kathy & Dominick Adamo

    Dolores Adlong '54

    Linda M. Albright '65

    Rosina Anglin


    Ms. Sheila Armstrong

    Chris & Rachel Bacilla

    Barry Fantich Studio

    Mimi Bauman

    Joseph G. Bax

    Sr. Lauren Beck, C.V.I.

    Delores Bentke

    Ginger Berreth '53

    Carol and Joe Birkofer

    Mr. Michael A. Bluffin

    Sylvia Bond

    Boneno Family

    Jorge Bonilla

    Yvonne Lovato Bonnett

    Liz & Chris Borreca

    Natalya & Ugene Boureiko

    Donald Bradley

    The Brendgord Family

    Daniel and Jenny Bryant

    Margaret '55 & Jack Buckle

    Lucy Bujnoch

    Mary Joan and Joseph Cahill

    Mr. Anthony Campise

    Esther Candalera

    Nicole Marin Capelo '07

    Preston L. Carey

    Rosemary Carrabba

    Brooke & Greg Caudell

    Esther Cavelere

    Kitty Charlton

    Kelly & Willy Chesnut

    Classic Family Agency, Inc.

    Pang-Chieh Chou

    Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word

    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Compton

    Mr. and Mrs. Roland B. Contreras

    Joe Conway

    Cor Costa '55

    Gerry '73 & Keith Coulter

    Bernard J. Covernale

    CR Group, LLC

    V. S. Crittenden

    Sister Brigid Cummins, C.V.I.

    Christopher and Claire Cutts

    Anne Daly

    Patricia Day

    Beth Degeyter '53

    Anna Marie Dibello '67

    Mary Magdalen Dittrich

    George Dominguez

    Lupe Dominguez '66

    Suzanne Doughty

    Karen Douglass

    Roy and Kellie Duff

    Clare Duncan '03

    Pat Dunning

    Carol and Guy Dupuis

    Ed Dworacaek

    Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards

    Stephen and Traci Edworthy

    Tom and Susan Egolf

    Bruce L. Ehni

    Don & Karen Eldridge

    Arthur Etzler

    Tommy Fahey

    Federica Ferrari '14

    Finkelstein Partners, LTD

    James Fischer

    Jaime Forero

    Marie Fortenbach

    Jenrose F. Foshee

    Ellis Freitag

    Anna Fulbright '89

    Thomas and Lisa Ganucheau

    Gilbert Garcia

    Polo Garcia

    Anna Garland

    Whitney and Lowell Garney

    Charles A. Garvin

    Molly Goldberg

    Mr. George W. Goloby

    Guadalupe Gonzales

    Jeanette '68 & Robert Gonzales




    UP TO $4,999

    Jessica Gonzales '07

    Madeleine Grace '63

    Randy Graham

    Leticia & Greg Graves

    Tom F. Grothouse

    Christian Hanz

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hayman

    Pat Hauptman

    Fr. Tom Hawxhurst

    Mr. Noel Hennebery

    Eleanor Hernandez

    Bill and Michelle Hickl

    Terry Hickman

    Patrick G. Hickman

    Nora Hill

    Ms. Oiyee A. Ho

    Mary Holmberg '53

    Christine Imber '31

    J. Douglas McDonald, D.D.S.

    Bill and Theresa Jardine

    Natasha Jesudason

    Bunny Johnson

    Mrs. Dorothy Jungels

    Manette C. Jungels

    Paul and Melissa Jurick

    Rita & Blair Justice

    Pattie & Charles Kafoglis

    Clare Kafoglis

    Helen & Larry Kaiser

    Patrick J. Keating

    The John G. & Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation

    Marie E. Kilroy

    Ms. Jan Koehn

    Diane F. '78 & Daniel J. Kopfensteiner

    Betty Kowis '53

    Janet Lacorte

    Patti and Robert Lambert

    Patricia Lassen

    Virginia C. Leedy

    Lighting Incorporated

    Tanya M. Loden

    Patricia Lonchar '63

    Antoinette DeForke Loving

    Jennifer & Matt Luke

    Joseph R. Luna

    Rosemary Lykos

    Earl Mackey

    Holley and Jeff Madden

    Kristina Madrid '02

    Linda S. Magill, MD

    Dennis Malloy

    Michele Malloy

    Patrick J. Malloy

    Mandola 2012 Family Trust

    Marek Family Foundation

    Sister Beatrice Maroul, C.V.I.

    Sister Dorothea Maroul, C.V.I.

    Marguerita Marquez

    Jane & Adam Martinez

    Charlean Mason

    Steven A. Mays

    John M. McCann

    Father D. Stephen McCrate

    Daniel McCue

    Catherine McDonald '69

    Mary McGivern & Bill Jones

    Laura D. McGrath

    Mr. and Mrs. James A. McLain

    Mr. William McNair

    Leonard J. Medeiros

    The Mendoza Family

    Clarence Metzger

    Dr. Steven J. Meyer

    Mr. and Mrs. George H. Michael

    Melissa Micheletti

    Toni & Nigel Minion

    Monica Molina

    Joan Molinaro and Tom Hatcher

    Richard Montegut

    The Montelongo Family

    Mitch Mooneyham

    Francis Moran

    Blanche and Charlie Morello

    Sue Ann Morello '60

    Kelly Morrison

    Sally Moseley

    Moudry LLC

    Liz Muegge '63

    Michael Mulchvone




    UP TO $4,999

    Sister Kathleen Mulvihill

    Mr. and Mrs. Noel Mulvihill

    Bridget Naughton

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Nguyen

    Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien

    Kate O'Brien

    Shirley P. O'Brien '45

    Bill & Marilyn O'Brien

    Ralph O'Connor

    LaQuieta and Barry O'Dell

    Sister Mary B. O'Donnell, C.V.I.

    Sister Virginia O'Donnell, C.V.I.

    Sara O'Duffy

    Sister Carmel O'Malley, C.V.I.

    Melina Papadopoulos

    Debra Pargac

    Roylyn F. Parke

    Madeline Parker

    Thomas L. Parsons

    Teresita Partin '37

    Rosa Pasciuto

    Paul L. Broussard and Associates, Inc.

    Mary & John Paulsel

    Winifred S. Paulsen

    Jo Pease & Tim English

    Bill Penczak

    Francisco Perez

    Mily Perez

    Rick Perez

    L. Phan

    Bessilyn Piazza

    Josie Postel

    Paul and Jonna Prodoehl

    Ginger Przybyla

    Don Quintero

    Catherine and Hugh Rafferty

    Mary P. Rafferty

    Mary & Walter Rainey

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Rauer

    Ed Raponi

    Rachel Ray

    Karen Reilly

    Mark D. Richardson

    Norma Riggins

    Kathleen Ripp

    John C. Roberts

    Leon L. Roesler

    Nancy D. Romagnoli

    Mr. and Mrs. George H. Rose

    Carl Roth

    Frank Rynd

    Gary Sagarnaga

    Lauren Saporito

    Carolyn Fielder Satterwhite

    Rebecca Saunders

    James Schwarzbach

    William Snuffer

    Clayton and Margret Sonnier

    Layna Souza

    Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Sternfels

    Frank W. Stowell

    Vera Stowell '45

    Cleo '60 & Glenn Summers

    Sandy and Bob Sweeney

    Gary and Theo Szurek

    Carmel Tajonera '08

    Fred Talley

    Catherine Thedinger

    Charles L. Therault

    Mr. Joe C. Trombatore, Jr.

    Cathy and Kuno Trostman

    Mrs. Ouida Tuck '80

    Mr. and Mrs. William E. Turcotte

    Raymond and Yvonne Turner

    Alan and Rina Vennix

    Darlene '77 & James Villarreal

    Binh Vuong

    Theresa Wagner

    Joyce Walter

    Tessa and Todd Ward

    Dawn Weber

    Bessie Adams Wilhem

    Stephanie Wilkinson

    Helen Williams

    Joshua S. Wilson

    Mr. and Mrs. Charlie W. Zwahr

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